About Canadaco

Canadaco B.V. provides desiccants for all packaging, storage and logistics applications.

Canadaco works closely with your production and logistics department to supply and design an appropriate desiccant solution to control the humidity around your products. ...more


Absorbin-V binds oil, gasoline, heating oil, diesel fuel, motor oil, battery acid, coolants and chemicals in a simple and environmentally friendly manner. ...more

Air Dry

Air Dry is a car dehumidifier that provides a dry interior for a long period. The granules in Air Dry continue to absorb moisture for 2-4 months, depending on the conditions of use. Air Dry is made from natural granules. ...more


Din Dry

DIN Dry 55473 desiccant bags are chemically inert and nontoxic. They are designed for use with metal or other materials. They provide additional corrosion protection during the transportation of industrial steel and iron products, as well as for copper and aluminum products. ...more

Master Dry

Master Dry is a special desiccant for the storage and transmission of larger shipments, offering very high levels of moisture absorption. Master Dry is from a special mixture of calcined clay and calcium chloride. ...more

Multi Dry

Multi-Dry Re-Usable Multi-Purpose Dehumidifier is the ideal solution for a number of household and leisure applications. It has been designed to absorb moisture from the air using activated pellets inside a bag. A 1kg bag is effective over an area of 35m² for 2-4 months. ...more


Safe Dry

Safe Dry is a made of natural granules and is designed to be used in safes and cabinets, providing protection against rust, fungus and musty odors. The space-saving design also features a protective casing with a built-in humidity indicator for safe and convenient use. ...more

Sea Dry

Sea Dry container desiccants are available in bags, poles and strips. They are designed to protect goods from moisture damage during container transport by sea or land. Sea Dry is quick and easy to place with a hook or as a cover. ...more

Silica gel Bulk & Indicatoren

Suitable for moisture absorption at electronics or buffer relative humidity (RH buffer), silica gel can also be used as a preservation tool in libraries and museums or in industrial drying facilities. Available in White or Orange (with indicator and Cobald free).  Humidity Indicator cards are an inexpensive way to monitor relative humidity levels inside sealed packaging. ...more

Silica gel Packets

Desi Dry silica gel packets type B are designed to minimize humidity in primary packaging for the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

Desi Dry desiccant bags type A, can be used for protecting electronic equipment, cameras, tools, computers, musical instruments, preservation packaging or any humidity sensitive products....more